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Destinations: White River Canoeing

Are you looking for a truly “remote” area? If so, then welcome to the wild and secluded beauty of the White River Canyon in western Colorado & eastern Utah near Rangely, CO. Fantastic hiking may await you and the wildlife includes herds of wild horses, antelope, deer and beaver. Excellent camping is found in the cottonwood groves along the river during this canoe adventure.

White River Canoeing: Western History

White River Canoeing: Western History

Dr. Gulliford, Professor of SW Studies, will share his stories of the colorful characters and circumstances that helped shape the western landscape as you journey along the river. There’ll be plenty of campfire stories on this trip! Sponsored by San Juan Mountains Assoc.

White River Canoeing

Beginner; Ages 6+; Kids Prices 6-12 yr.


Beginner: suitable for kids 6-12. Mostly flat water with possible small waves. No experience necessary and average fitness level required.

6 to 90+


Section & Miles
33 miles (3 day) Bonanza, UT to Enron take-out; 63 miles (5 day) Rangely, CO to Enron take-out

Number of Days
3 or 5


Nearest Town
Rangely, CO

Driving Distance from Denver
277 miles; 5.5 hours

Number of Participants
22 guests

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