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Theme Trips

Centennial Canoe offers several unique theme trips for a variety of interests.

We also have trips that are for 18 or 21 and older, these may also have a theme.

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Colorado River Canoeing: Denver Museum Star Gazing

Colorado River Canoeing: Denver Museum Star Gazing

Embark on a memorable weekend with a Denver Museum astronomer as you you revel in both earthbound scenery and the breathtaking skies above. Away from all the city lights, the wilderness night sky is unbelievably clear allowing us to gaze at the constellations, Milky Way, and maybe galaxies beyond! Paddling through towering red sandstone canyons will add to the unforgettable journey. Open to the public.

Star Gazing

Beginner; Ages 6+; Kids Prices 6-12 yr.