Centennial Canoe Outfitters Inc.

Becoming A Guide

Centennial Canoe River GuidesCentennial Canoe actively seeks new river guides in January and February each year.  This gives people plenty of time to acquire the necessary credentials to legally guide in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. It is also helpful if you’ve been recommended by a Centennial Canoe guide or if you’ve already taken one of our trips.  We prefer mature adults who are able to interact with other adults and children and have a solid work ethic.

No experience is necessary to become a trip observer which is the first step to becoming a river guide. In fact, many of our guides are former Centennial Canoe customers that have taken our trips, had a great time and wanted to become more involved. If you enjoy the outdoors and people, you may be a candidate.  You must be physically fit and at least 21 years of age with reliable transportation and a flexible summer schedule.

The required credentials are current First Aid and CPR training that is easily acquired through the Red Cross or American Heart Association.  Reasonably-priced two-day (weekends) river guiding courses and a three-day river trip are offered in April and May through independent instructors.  They are encouraged, but optional.

Trip observers start out unpaid. The observer period is a time when you have fun learning and it varies in length depending on how much prior experience you have and your eagerness to learn.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a river guide. Please contact Marty at our office for more information (720) 283-0553, or see our Contact Us page on this website.