Centennial Canoe Outfitters Inc.


1) Get Paid to Paddle Promotion

We invite you to be a canoe "action figure" -- someone who gets 15 of their friends & family on a canoe trip in 2017. You, as the 16th person, get a free trip, PLUS we'll pay you up to $600 for your efforts. And if you fill the trip up (22 paying customers on most rivers), we'll give you an extra $200! For a 3-day trip that could be worth $994...not bad for just talking to your friends ($400 reward + $394 free seat value + $200 bonus).

  • $600 reward for 5-day trips (15 paying customers) + $200 bonus if 22 paying customers = $800 cash
  • $400 reward for 3-day trips (15 paying customers) + $200 bonus if 22 paying customers = $600 cash
  • $250 reward for 2-day trips (15 paying customers) + $200 bonus if 22 paying customers = $450 cash
  • $165 reward for 1-day trips (15 paying customers) + $200 bonus if 22 paying customers = $365 cash
    Here's some more of the details:
  • You get paid at the conclusion of your trip based on how many of your friends actually went on the trip.
  • Your friends can score our preseason discounts if paid in full by 4/15/17; no other discounts or promotions apply.
  • If your trip fills to capacity (22 paying customers generally), we'll give you an extra $200 cash. The cash rewards will be paid by check.
  • At least 8 of the 15 paid seats must pay adult prices rather than the discounted children prices.
  • We'll keep your trip exclusive for an agreed upon period of time. If you have not reached the 15 customers by the agreed date, then we'll open it up to the public. You can continue to market to your friends and can still get your reward and free trip if you reach the minimum numbers by departure date. We keep track of who signed up as your "friend" (and coordinate with you) and handle all reservations and questions.
  • Customers must make a $100 deposit to reserve a seat and balance due 4 weeks prior to departure.
  • Contact the office for available rivers and dates.

Call the office 720-283-0553 to discuss further.

2) Preseason Discounts on Select Canoe Trips Through April 15, 2017

Mom and son on a Colorado canoe trip Save $15-$20 off per adult seat on 2 & 3-day canoe trips if you pay in full by April 15th. Kid (6-12) seats are discounted all season long.

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