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Our guide staff are the people that make the difference. These 45+ individuals are mature (average age 39 years), have been river guiding for an average of 7 years (some have been with us for 20+ years),  and have a grown-up work ethic. They are competent, fun-loving individuals that elevate a good trip into a great one!

Our guides are successful in their own careers and have chosen to guide with Centennial for the pure joy of working with people and being outdoors on the water. Some of their careers include: author, teacher, professional photographer, information system engineer, entrepreneur, sales rep, firewomen, restaurant owner, cotillion instructor, air force reservist, etc.  All have completed First Aid and CPR training. Many also hold Wilderness First Responder, Swift Water Rescue, and American Canoe Association certification. Safety is our primary concern and our guides are very experienced; all of our Head Guides have logged over 500 river miles and many have logged over 1500 miles.

“We can’t say enough abouth the incredible care and guidance we received from the guides. They are absolutely amazing.” Tim and Suzy Degar, Franktown, CO   

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Name: Charlie Simmons

Day Job: Construction Contractor

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2006

Favorite River: They're all great!

Interesting fact: I own a unicycle and actually ride it on mountain trails.

Charlie Simmons Guide Bio

Name: Tracy Maxwell

Day Job: Author/Speaker/Coach

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2002

Favorite River: Green and Gunnison

Interesting fact:  Just published first book called "Single With Cancer." A Solo Survivor's Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness.

Tracy Maxwell Guide Bio

Name: Greg Skomp

Day Job: Independent Sales Representative

Guiding with Centennial since. 2010

Favorite River: The Colorado, all sections

Interesting Fact: Triathlete and USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

Name: Brooke Ranney

Owner of Centennial Canoe

Favorite River: All of them

Interesting Fact: Lived with a Brazilian Tribe on Amazon River for six months and plays a banjo.

Name: Julie Gumper

Previous Owner of Centennial 2000-2017

Favorite River: The one with the warmest water

Interesting fact: Does healing energy work on the side.

Julie Gumper Guide Bio

Name: Marty Genereux

Previous Owner of Centennial Canoe

Guiding & Previous Owner of Centennial Since: 1996

Favorite Rivers: Dolores & Upper Colorado

Interesting fact: Gets REALLY sick on amusment park rides.

Marty Genereux Guide Bio

Name: Randy Hertzman

Day Job: Software developer/wilderness medicine instructor

Guiding for Centennial Since: 1996

Favorite river: I could tell you, but then I'd have to splash you...

Interesting fact: In 3rd grade, won 1st place in the running-backwards race.

Randy Hertzman Guide Bio

Name: Mike Wymore

Day Job: Theatrical Stagehand

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2000

Favorite River: San Juan

Interesting fact: Traveled around the country with the Broadway Production of Lion King.

Mike Wymore Guide Bio

Name: Ward Sear

Day Job: CEO RiverDancer Enterprises

Guiding for Centennial Since: 1990

Favorite Rivers: Dolores, Green, Chama, San Juan, Gunnison

Interesting fact: During 22 years has taught dance and social skills to over 66,000 young people all over the country.   

                                                                                                                              Ward Sear Bio 2014

Name: Ginger Oviatt

Day Job: Firefighter/paramedic

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2007

Favorite River: I love them all!

Interesting fact: I drove through Grand Junction once in 2002, it felt so much like home that I moved here a week later and still love living here.

Ginger Oviatt Guide Bio

Name: Travis Anderson

Day Job:  Educator for ESL

Guiding for Centennial since: 2014

Favorite river:  Any river that's flowing in my direction

Interesting fact:  I've crossed the Pacific Ocean over a dozen times to a variety of exotic locales.

 Travis Anderson Bio

Name: Buzz Smith

Day job:  Teacher

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2012

Favorite river:  Do I have to choose?

Interesting fact: Mountain Climbing with my dog.

                        Buzz Smith Bio

Name: Jake Gunter

Day Job: Student at University of Denver

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2009

Favorite River: Green

Interesting fact: Can speak Mandarin Chinese

Jake Gunter Guide Bio 

Name: Pam Fitz

Day Job: Financial Management Software Sales

Favorite River: Gunnison

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2000

Interesting fact: Have paddled on 4 of 7 continents...so far.

                                                                                                       Pam Fitz Bio II


Name: Josh Reyling

Day Job: Massage therapist, massage therapy instructor, substitute teacher and hobby farmer

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2014

Favorite River: The wet ones

Interesting fact: I once fit 22 marshmallows in my mouth during a wicked match of "Chubby Bunny."

                Josh Reyling Bio                

Name: Katherine Young (Kat)

Day Job: VP of JDW Social Education Programs

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2008

Favorite River: Colorado, Green & Dolores

Interesting fact: Experiences include travel to over 27 countries.

Katherine Mason Guide Bio

Name: Jared Riggs

Day Job: Restaurant Consultant

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2011

Favorite River: Gunnison

Interesting fact: Can recall hundreds of jokes and riddles.

Jared Riggs Guide Bio

Name: Greg McCrimmon

Day job: Photographer/Adventurer/Member of Alpine Rescue Team

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2009

Favorite River: Dolores and Green

Interesting fact: Named "America's Next Ultimate Outdoor Explorer" by Backpacker Magazine.

Greg McCrimmon Guide Bio

Name: Becca Arndt

Day job: Massage Therapist/sometimes Potter

Guiding for Centennial Since: 1998

Favorite river: North Platte River (where I met my husband)

Interesting fact: Got hit by a drunk bear on my bicycle and lived to tell the story...

                            Becca Arndt guide bio


Name: Peter Lindstrom

Day Job: Ski lift operator and work at Highline Lake State Park

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2014

Favorite River: All of them

Interesting fact: I met Gomer Pyle, or was it "Jim Nabors?"

 Peter Lindstrom Bio

Name: Meghan Nanfeldt

Day Job: High School Teacher, Outward Bound Instructor, High School Lacrosse Coach

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2011

Favorite River: The least windy

Interesting Facts: I was Division 1 scholarship athlete at UConn.

                 Meghan Nanfeldt bio                                                                    

Name: Jake Ufford

Day job: Oil field manager

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2012

Favorite river: White

Interesting fact: I'm a great Dad!

                                       Jake Ufford guide bio

Name: Mark Sims

Day Job: President, Sims Photographics, Inc. A commercial photo studio

Guiding for Centennial Since: 1990

Favorite river: The one my paddle is in.

Interesting fact: I'm a Colorado native and I've been to all 50 of the United States.

Mark Sims Guide Bio                                 

Name: Max Woodfin

Day Job: International Guide/ Psychotherapist

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2010

Favorite River: Well, the Mekong, but we don't run that one at Centennial (maybe one day)!

Interesting fact: Occasionally known to travel by horseback to negotiate with Chinese businessmen in East Turkestan.

Max Woodfin Guide Bio

Name:  Babette Hills

Day Job:  Retired Librarian

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2000

Favorite river:  The one I'm on.

Interesting fact: Mountain and snowshoe guide at Copper Mountain.

                    Babette Hills guide bio

Name: Lindsay Cobb

Day Job: Recruiter

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2015

Favorite river: Nile

Interesting fact: Good dancer


Name: Levi Oviatt

Day Job: Ski Patroller, Gardener

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2007

Favorite River: Upper Colorado

Interesting Fact: Grand master of rock, scissors, paper.

                  Levi Oviatt Guide Bio

Name: Richard Sterling

Day Job: Cook/Musician

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2013

Favorite River: Colorado River

Interesting fact: Lived in Germany for seven years where I developed a love for cuisine.

                              Richard Sterling bio

Name: Nick Keene

Day job: Bartender

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2008

Favorite river: Colorado River

Interesting fact: Bikes to work every day.

                                  Nick Keene guide bio

Name: Shauna Musser

Occupation: Student, wheelchair discharge

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2010

Favorite river: Colorado

Interesting fact: I rode my bicycle across the country from Connecticut to San Francisco.

                       Shauna Musser Guide Bio

Name: Caleb Roddy

Day Job: Restauranteur

Guiding for Centennial Since: 2013

Favorite River: Dolores

Interesting fact: I forgot how to shave

                                        Caleb Roddy