Centennial Canoe Outfitters Inc.


We rent camping equipment for either one of our commercial trips or for private, self-guided trips. 

  • Reservations must be made one week prior to departure date.
  • Camping gear rented for one of our commercial trips will be available at the first breakfast.

Gear rented for a private self-guided trip requires the following:

  • Bureau of Land Management requires a self-contained portable toilet & a fire pan on all river trips. We can rent these items. "Leave No Trace" camping (low impact camping) states that ground tarps are recommended.
  • Extra paddles and lifejackets and an adequate First Aid kit are required.
  • A rental agreement and safety procedures must be signed by group leader.
  • A credit card is required for the refundable damage deposit on all gear.
  • We provide parking on private land near the Whitewater take-out on the Gunnison River. All other take-outs are on government land. Each car pays $30 to park for the duration of your trip. 
  • Only one change to your rental agreement is allowed free of charge. Multiple changes to your rental agreement may incur a $20 administrative fee/change. All rental changes must be made 14 days prior to your launch date in order to receive a refund on any canceled equipment or service since it has been reserved. Adding equipment less than 14 days prior to launch is based on availability and no extra administrative fees are involved.

To rent the following equipment call 720-283-0553 or go to our shopping cart.

 Equipment  Rental Rates for 1 Trip  Replacement Cost for Lost or Damaged Items
1-2 man tent  $28  $150
3-4 person tent  $38  $150
 sleeping bag  $21  $50
 air mattress pad  $15  $85
 camp chair  $10  $20
 San Juan Islands sleeping bag
 or pad
 $5/night/item  $100/item
 self-contained portable toilet
 (does not include waste bags)
 $35  $125
 biodegradable toilet waste bags  $3 ea. (capacity 4 uses)  —
 fire pan  $10  $25
 5.25 gal. water jug  $10 empty $15 filled  $50
 dry bag (3.8 cu. ft.: 16 in. diameter x 33 in. tall)  $10  $75
 2 burner propane stove with 1-16.4 oz. propane canister & lighter. Additional canisters $6 ea.  $25  $75